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Auto Glass Replacement & Rock Chip Repair

Would you feel safe in a vehicle with bad brakes, frayed tires or faulty airbags? Windshields are critical to vehicle safety as well, and cracks, chips, and pits compromise your windshield’s structural integrity. Don’t dismiss these issues – fix them. From minor auto glass repair for rock chips to complete windshield replacement, Luther Collision & Glass has the parts, skills and staff to help make your vehicle safer.

During this process, we work with your insurance company to restore your vehicle back to its pre-damage condition. Luther Collision and Glass offers convenient window repair options and even provides same-day service and can come to you.

  • Fast, full service auto glass repair – from chip repair to full windshield replacement
  • Trained professionals who work on all makes and models
  • Convenient service in our shop or from a mobile unit
  • High-quality glass and adhesives that meet original manufacturer specifications

Glass Calibration

Why is calibration required after a windshield replacement?

These systems typically operate through a combination of sensors and cameras, many of which are now incorporated into the auto glass of vehicles.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend that after a windshield replacement the system is calibrated to ensure that when the vehicle is back on the road the ADAS safety feature is operating correctly.

If the camera is misaligned this could have a significant impact on the functionality of the system, particularly at speed. Small unexpected changes in the angle of the camera can mean the difference between a vehicle avoiding a crash or not.

There Are Two Types of Calibration

Dynamic Calibration, which involves driving the vehicle with a hand held calibration device plugged into it. Often your vehicle’s manufacturer will prescribe the types of roads that must be used, or distance and speed travelled, to allow the system to confirm it has viewed and recognized certain road features.

Static Calibration, which takes place in a dealership environment with a levelled floor. Calibration is completed using specialized target boards and equipment which needs to be set up with absolute precision to ensure success.

If your vehicle is fitted with safety technology that requires a calibration, we'll inform you when you make your appointment. One of Luther’s factory trained technicians will then perform the calibration during your appointment.

Glass replacement and calibration


Thank you very much for your help with my vehicle last week! I appreciate your suggestions and the quick buff job (thank you, thank you). I will absolutely send people your way in the future.

Christie L

Thank you for the excellent service! David was extremely good at his job and answered every question. He kept me updated throughout the process and when I came back to get one more part, he took my car and got it washed! I was impressed by the service and I would highly recommend you!

Kourtney K

It’s such a pleasure doing business with you. You’re so on top on how you handle business. I want to thank you for all what you’ve done for me and making my car look so good. I’m your customer forever!

Sandy Q